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Culinary Arts Network.com is a leading provider of information and resources for individuals who enjoy a culinary lifestyle. Our authors offer unique original content crafted to entertain and educate. The site also identifies the best content from around the web, as well as the best culinary experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy in cities and towns around the globe.

Culinary Arts Network is based in America’s finest city, San Diego, California.

Our geographic location affords our small staff with access to world class ingredients, top restaurants, world class chefs, premier culinary schools and learning experiences. San Diego enjoys several food festivals each year, as well as restaurant weeks held bi-annually. San Diego is home to many award-winning authors, food celebrities, top food writers, and photographers.

Recipe Collections

5,000 original and adapted recipes to choose from in 27 major categories and 400+ subcategories. Our recipe selections are presented cookbook style so you can find exactly the recipe you desire based on ingredients and cooking style.

Recipes are selected and published based on taste testing and accessibility to recreating the dish in the average home kitchen with common household cookware and appliances.

Our approach to recipe development is simple. Use high quality ingredients and proven technique. When we prepare a recipe in our test kitchen from another published source, we follow the directions exactly as printed, before adapting the recipe to our own style and ingredient choices.


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Cooking in Season

The magazine style section of the website devoted to delivering fresh content focused on seasonal cooking trends, holiday fare, and peak season ingredients.

Enjoy a variety of article and post style pieces written to entertain and educate. Content will have a slant towards local, regional, and international cooking and baking ideas, holidays and seasonal trends.


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Cooking Tips and Techniques


A diverse collection of tips and techniques to enhance and further your culinary knowledge. From traditional concepts to fresh ideas and cutting-edge techniques for cooking and baking.

Our knowledge base includes culinary definitions, safe food handling procedures, knife skills, ingredient preparation, cooking utensil and cookware selection, cooking measurements, basic to advanced cooking principles. And much more.


Cookbook Reviews


Culinary Arts Network presents several cookbook reviews or summaries for our readers each month. We operate under a broad based selection criteria that includes bestsellers from past and present, new discoveries, and publications focused on ingredients and dishes that are presently enjoying peak seasonality and awareness. In every instance, the cookbooks we select are read from cover to cover, and several recipes are prepared and consumed.

Cookbooks vary greatly in length, style, and substance. There are cookbooks at a mere 40 pages and some publications that exceed 1500 pages. The average cookbook on our shelves has around 300 pages. Some authors seek to entertain, while others are strict in their approach to presenting information, as if in the classroom or kitchen. Many are filled with beautiful photos of finished dishes and collections of photos that capture the cooking process from start to finish. Each has its own unique qualities and style.

We accept cookbooks in hard copy and digital formats for review consideration. We do not accept or solicit payment to review a cookbook.

We encourage our readers to comment on the publications we’ve summarized or reviewed so our community can benefit from a broad range of feedback.

Directories, Lists and Calendars

Food Blogs

Careful selection of the top 500 food blogs gracing the internet today. Criteria includes entertainment and education value recipe and dish selection, content delivery, formatting, photography and videography quality.

Food Holidays

365 days of food celebrations including officially and unofficially recognized national food holidays.

Food Festivals

Every day there are festivals in cities and towns around the world celebrating local and regional ingredients. Festivals run in length from a few hours to several days in length. They can be casual or formal in style, free or pricey. It is very common for festivals to be annual affairs celebrated on or around the same time each year.

Restaurant Weeks

A growing trend in cities around the world is “restaurant week”. Restaurant weeks offer local residents and visitors the opportunity to experience restaurants at a discount, often via a specially priced multi-course lunch or dinner.

Cooking Classes

Looking for the opportunity to increase your cooking knowledge over the course of a few hours in an informal learning environment? Culinary Arts Network has a comprehensive directory of the top cooking class companies throughout the United States, and a growing selection from around the globe.

Culinary Schools

Take it to the next level with a formal education at a qualified institution. Find a culinary school in our complete directory of culinary programs in the United States.

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