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Bread Recipes


Bread is one of the most popular foods on the planet and can be found in almost all cuisines. Baking bread at home is fun and a wide variety of breads can be made easily and consistently. With practice, some attention to detail, and fresh, high quality ingredients, the home baker can produce artisan quality baked goods.

The advent of bread machines has allowed home bakers the opportunity to enjoy fresh bread in minutes, but homemade bread fresh from the oven is unrivaled.

Bread dough can be prepared a thousand ways, depending on the type of bread you are trying to produce and the equipment and ingredients you have available to you. Fresh ingredients are always desirable, and leaveners such as yeast or baking powder should be fresh for best results. Recipes should always be read through in advance and time allotted for proper dough making and bread baking. Some special equipment may be required for making bread, including specialized baking pans.

Enjoy hundreds of bread recipes for classic breads from quick breads to artisan loaves. The recipes include techniques for insuring baking success, and tips for finding and selecting ingredients. Breads are served at every meal of the day and are found in appetizers, soups, salads, sides, entrees and desserts. Find the perfect bread recipe!

Quick Bread Recipe Collections:

banana bread

Banana Bread – One of the most popular quick breads, banana bread is delicious and the perfect way to start the morning. Our collection of recipes includes a variety of recipes for the delectable treat prepared using the world’s most popular fruit. We have traditional style banana bread recipes, plus recipes for cake-like banana bread, versions with healthier ingredient substitutions, and breads with delicious add-ins like nuts and chocolate.


Biscuits – In the oven in minutes, biscuits are fun to make and more fun to eat. The tiny quick breads are an excellent accompaniment at any meal, and a delicious treat on their own. Check out our selection of the best biscuits including recipes for tender biscuits, flaky biscuits, and biscuits prepared from whole wheat and whole grain flours.


Cornbread – Corn bread has been a staple at dinner tables for over a century. There are a wide variety of recipes for cornbread, from dense to cakelike, sweet to savory. Our recipe collection includes recipes for every style of this tasty family favorite.

fruit breads

Fruit Breads – While banana bread and pumpkin bread enjoy immense popularity, other fruits are perfect for creating delicious quick breads. Fresh, dried fruits, fruit purees, and jams are a few ways to add flavor and create healthy and delicious baked good treats. Our collection includes a nice range of fruit breads with different flavor combinations and textures.


Muffins – In minutes you can have a dozen moist, tender, hot, fresh muffins on the table. With some great basic recipes you have the foundation for creating countless varieties of delicious muffins using your favorite fruits, nuts, spices and flavorings. Enjoy our comprehensive collection of sweet and savory muffins.

pumpkin bread

Pumpkin Bread – We love to roast pumpkin, season it, puree it, and bake it in breads and muffins. A favorite during the fall holidays when fresh, sweet cooking pumpkins are readily available, pumpkin bread can be made at home any day of the year using canned 100% pure pumpkin. Our recipe collection includes a nice assortment of quick bread recipes featuring fresh and canned pumpkin combined with ingredients that pair extremely well with the popular winter squash variety.


Scones – The classic crispy outside and flaky inside scone is pleasantly sweet and delicious. Prepared with cream, butter, and eggs, scones are tender and rich tasting, with a light texture. Plain scones or scones topped with clotted cream or fruit preserves are delicious. We have wonderful traditional scone and scone topping recipes plus scones enhanced with fresh and dried fruits, citrus zest, chopped nuts, chocolate, fresh and dries herbs.


Tortillas – Make tortillas at home with simple recipes. Warm, soft homemade flour and corn tortillas are perfect for preparing your favorite Mexican entrees including tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Our collection of recipes for flour and corn tortillas includes step-by-step instructions for creating fresh, authentic style tortillas.

zucchini bread

Zucchini Bread – Low in calories, entirely fat-free, and being available year round makes zucchini an excellent choice in creating delicious baked goods. The summer squash enjoys its peak season in late summer. Our collection of recipes ranges from traditional versions to updated breads with healthy substitutions, and breads and muffins with ingredients that pair well with the summer favorite.

Yeast Bread Recipe Collections:


Bagels – The distinctive, ring-shaped roll topped with cream cheese is a classic breakfast treat. Traditional bagel dough contains wheat flour, salt, water, and yeast. Our collection of recipes for bagels includes bagels produced with high-gluten flour and malt syrup, as well as recipes using all-purpose, bread, and pastry flours. Bagel dough can be stiff or soft. The differing dough types produce two types of bagels, one chewy and the other much lighter in texture.

bread machine bread

Bread Machine – Bread machines can create an endless variety of delicious and nutritious baked goods. Bread machines are time savers and mess avoiders. While the bread that they produce may not be quite the quality of a handmade or bakery bought artisan loaf, the product is usually far superior then mass produced store bought varieties. Bread machines produce more than just loaves of bread, and we’ve included links to recipes for an assortment of other delicious baked goods these counter top appliances create.


Flatbread – Flatbreads are delicious breads prepared from dough that is not leavened with yeast or baking powder. The dough is rolled out and when baked, flatbreads rise very little, creating a denser baked good. Flatbreads are prepared by millions around the world each day. Flatbread styles include tortillas, pita, naan, chapatti, pizza, and fougasse. Flatbreads make excellent accompaniments to meals, and are often topped with delicious spreads, dips, and fillings.


Pretzels – Hard and crisp or light and chewy, pretzels are a delicious snack and easy to make at home. While the dough is most commonly shaped into a knot, it is up to the imagination of the baker to employ some culinary creativity and create new shapes. Savory pretzels are often dipped in cheese or mustard sauces as an added treat. Sweet pretzel treats are created when the baked dough is dipped into delicious flavored glazes and icings.

rolls and buns

Rolls and Buns – Small pieces of risen dough are formed into a variety of shapes and sizes including rounds, cigars, knots, clover leafs, twists, breadsticks, pistolets, and Parker House. The rolls and buns may be spaced on a baking sheet for baking, or placed tightly together to produce a baked good with a crust like top, but very soft sides when baked.

sourdough bread

Sourdough Bread – Sourdough bread is created using flour, water, yeast, and a starter. The starter, or pre-ferment, is a product of wild yeast and bacteria on flour. Starters can be produced at home with a little effort on the baker’s part, or they can be purchased commercially. The starter gives the bread its distinctive tangy flavor. Sourdough breads are a fun introduction into the world of home baked bread.

white bread

White Bread – Enjoy freshly baked, soft white bread. America’s favorite sandwich bread can be made at home using a variety of proven bread making methods. Our recipe collection includes basic white bread recipes made from only water, yeast, salt, and flour. We also have recipes for white breads using sponges and other starters. Our recipes are perfect for creating loaves, rolls and buns, baguettes, and more.

whole grain bread

Whole Grain Bread – Baking breads with whole grains gives you more nutrition in every slice. Whole grain breads are more flavorful baked goods made with refined grains, and have a pleasant texture. Whole wheat, rye, oat, and barley are a few of the whole grains and whole grain flours you can incorporate into your baking arsenal. Enjoy whole grain breads fresh and warm from the oven.