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Cake baking allows the culinary artist to create delicious mouthwatering desserts. From simple to elaborate, the home cake baker can produce traditional favorites in the comfort of one’s kitchen that rivals professionally baked goods. From pound cake to cheesecake , coffee cake to spice cake, carrot cake to shortcake, there are dozens of styles of cakes to choose from and no end to the incredible desserts that can be created. Enjoy cake recipes in dozens of categories, plus tips for success, guidance on ingredients, equipment, and techniques.

Cake Recipe Collections:

angel food cake

Angel Food Cake – Angel food cake is soft, light, airy sponge cake containing no butter or oil, and relies solely on beaten egg whites to rise. The popular cake is baked in a tube pan to produce its familiar ring shape. The cake is best enjoyed on the day of baking, as it contains no fat and does not store well. Angel food cake slices are most often served plain, lightly toasted, or topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit pieces.


Brownies – Brownies can be prepared in several styles, the most popular enjoying a crisp shiny top and a moist, deep chocolate flavored interior. Our collection of recipes ranges from very moist to dry cake-like brownies. We offer recipes prepared from either cocoa powder or baking chocolates, and include many variations with extras added in like vanilla, espresso, chopped nuts, and chocolate chips.

bundt cake

Bundt Cake – Bundt cakes are an American classic. The original ring-shaped cakes featured fluted sides in a variety of lovely patterns. The delicious and visually appealing cakes are often sprinkled with powdered sugar or drizzled with a sugary glaze before cutting and serving. Our recipe collection features a wide variety of delicious cake recipes designed specifically for use in the specialty cake pan.

carrot cake

Carrot Cake – The all-American classic carrot cake has been a favorite of home cooks for almost a hundred years. Prepared with grated carrots that give the cake a moist, dense texture and earthy flavor, the cake can be prepared in a wide variety of styles from decadent to healthy and nutritious. Carrot cake gets its luxurious flavor from carrots paired with spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The cake can be served adorned, or topped with cream cheese frosting. Marzipan can be colored and shaped into tiny carrots for garnishing.


Cheesecake – Cheesecake is smooth and creamy, almost tart-like. Cheesecake can be prepared a variety of ways using several different delicious cheeses including cream cheese, mascarpone, and ricotta. There are endless variations for cheesecake, from plain to cakes with elaborate crusts, luscious fillings, and decadent toppings. Our comprehensive collection includes a variety of cheesecakes styles and incredible flavor combinations.

chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake – Chocolate is the most popular flavor of cake in around the world. Chocolate cakes are produced using a wide variety of chocolate products in every imaginable cake style. From light and airy to moist and rich, you’ll want to savor every delicious bite. Double your chocolate pleasure by creating a cake featuring one of our delicious chocolate frostings. Our collection of chocolate cake recipes is guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving.

coffee cake

Coffee Cake – Coffee cakes are snack cakes more than dessert. They are less sweet than most cakes. The popular baked good is prepared in a manner that offers a layer of streusel in the middle of the cake and another layer of the crumbly topping covering the top. Coffee cakes are traditionally baked in a tube pan. Cake recipes range in texture from dry and airy to moist and buttery. Once you master a few basic recipes and key techniques, you can create endless variations of this family favorite.


Cupcakes – The individual cake desserts have never been more popular, and feature exciting new flavor combinations and creative and tasty decorating ideas. Our cupcake recipe collection features sweet cupcakes in several dozen varieties including vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lemon, cherry, key lime, and many other gourmet flavors and combinations.


Frostings – Frosting can make the cake. In fact many cakes are known as much for their frosting as they are for the cake they adorn. Carrot cake enjoys smooth cream cheese frosting. German chocolate cake topped with coconut pecan frosting. Red velvet cake is smothered in buttercream. Our comprehensive collection of recipes includes every style of frosting and dozens of flavors. With basic frosting recipes mastered, you can create your own frosting flavor combinations.

fruit cake

Fruit Cake – Traditional fruitcake was served around the Christmas holiday. These cakes were very dense, often soaked in liquor, and prepared using poor tasting dried and candied fruits. These original recipes have been updated to feature delicious cakes and high-quality fruit. Our recipe collection also includes dozens of modern cakes prepared in a variety of styles featuring fresh seasonal fruits.

german chocolate cake

German Chocolate Cake – The classic chocolate cake Named for chocolate maker Sam German features coconut pecan frosting prepared from sweetened flaked coconut and toasted pecans. The cakes traditional recipes call for a layer cake, but the cake can be prepared any style you desire. Our collection includes classic and contemporary takes on the popular treat.

ice cream cake

Ice Cream Cake – Our ice cream cakes feature ice cream, often several different flavors, layered with cake to create delicious and visually stunning desserts. This fun collection of recipes for ice cream cake includes classic flavor combinations for creating memorable desserts. The frozen treats are perfect year round, but especially nice for summer gatherings.

lemon cake

Lemon Cake – Lemon flavored caked are very popular. Prepared in a variety of cake styles using lemon juice, lemon puree, lemon zest, and lemon segments, they make excellent snack cakes and a perfect way to end any meal. Our collection of recipes features a variety of desserts from cakes with a subtle lemon taste to cakes bursting with the tangy citrus favorite.

pound cake

Pound Cake – The simple and delicious treat is moist, rich, and buttery. The classic dessert was named for its main ingredients. Traditional recipes called for one pound each of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. Our recipe collection includes a few of these original recipes for the bright yellow, springy, moist cake. We also offer healthier preparations and cakes flavored with a variety of tasty ingredients including maple syrup, lemon, apple, vanilla, chocolate, and coconut.

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin Cake – Pumpkin cakes are a fall favorite that can be easily prepared year round. Pumpkin puree for use in cakes can be prepared using fresh cooking pumpkins during their peak season from late fall to early winter. 100% pure pumpkin in cans is a wonderful product and an excellent substitute. Pumpkin cakes are often flavored with spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and cloves. Pumpkin cake is delicious plain or adorned with a layer of smooth cream cheese or buttercream frosting.

red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake – Traditional red velvet cake features deep red-dyed layers of chocolate cake topped with tangy cream-cheese or buttercream frosting. The cake is sometimes prepared using a touch of vinegar and buttermilk for smoothness and a tangy flavor. Contemporary takes on the original recipes include natural substitutions for the red dye including beet root. Our recipe collection includes a variety of recipes including original style cakes as well as modern versions.


Shortcake – Summer dessert favorite often topped with whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries. Traditional recipes call for slightly sweetened, tender biscuit style dough. Our recipe collection includes classic recipes for the popular cake, as well as modern takes. We also offer recipes for various whipped cream and strawberry toppings.

spice cake

Spice Cake – Spice cakes often feature a combination of spices including ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground ginger, cloves, mace, and allspice. Spice cakes are prepared in a variety of styles including loaves, sheet cakes, and cupcakes. Spice cakes are often served unadorned as a snack, or topped with a dollop of whipped cream for a delicious dessert.


Tortes – Multilayered cakes filled with a variety of delicious spreads including whipped cream, buttercream, custard, meringue, mousse, jam, and fresh fruits. The cakes are often prepared using ground nuts in place of flour. The rich dessert is sometimes glazed with chocolate ganache as a decadent finishing touch. Our collection includes tortes in an assortment of delicious cake and filling flavor combinations.

upside down cake

Upside Down Cake – Upside down cakes are usually prepared in a large round cake pan. Recipes start with a layer of fresh fruit arranged in a single layer in the bottom of the cake pan. The fresh fruit is topped with cake batter and baked in a hot oven. When cool, the cake is inverted onto a serving dish to showcase the visual appeal of the cake. Original recipes called for rings of pineapple. Today, upside down cakes feature many fresh fruits including nectarines, plums, apricots, apple, orange, cranberry, peach, rhubarb, and cherry.