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From hearty breakfast entrees to light, airy, dessert dishes, casseroles are the ultimate comfort food. While casseroles used to be where all the leftovers ended up, today chefs and home cooks are inventing wonderful new offerings with fresh ingredients. The casserole is finding its way onto gourmet restaurant menus as rustic cuisine, and enjoying a whole new life.

Casseroles are generally easy to prepare and with some careful mixing and matching of ingredients, leftovers can be used efficiently and deliciously. Armed with the right recipes and some tips and techniques on how to get the most out your pantry, you can create wonderful classic casseroles, and exciting new dishes in the comfort of your kitchen. Fresh, high quality ingredients combined with homemade sauces and topped with homemade bread crumbs or fresh grated cheeses are true comfort food.

Casseroles are great for every day dining, parties, picnics, and potlucks. Browse our growing collection of dozens of casserole dishes from a variety of international cuisines. Find casserole recipes for breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert. Find the perfect one dish meal or a side dish to complete a menu plan.

Main Dish Casseroles

Many casseroles can be considered perfect as a main dish. The mix of meat, or other protein, combined with vegetables and pasta, rice and noodles is a great way to deliver delicious meals in a one pot offering. As most casseroles can be prepared well in advance, these dishes can also be a great time saver. Main dish casseroles are true comfort food and can range from heavier, more traditional fare, to lighter, healthier offerings. The careful selection and preparation of ingredient combinations that are baked to perfection is something the whole family will enjoy.

Side Dish Casseroles

Whether you are trying to find an accompaniment for an entrée like chicken or fish, a side dish for a special event, or looking for an extra dish to serve at a themed meal, casseroles can be an ideal choice. Most casseroles can be prepared in advance, allowing you the time to be creative and find the perfect dish to accompany your meal.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter present the opportunity for making casseroles with fresh seasonal ingredients. Asparagus is freshest in the spring, tomatoes and eggplant peak during the summer, green bean and sweet potatoes are holiday casserole classics, and broccoli and corn are winter favorites. There are many delicious casserole recipes highlighting seasonal fruits and vegetables. Potatoes are popular year-round. There are infinite recipes for using fresh potatoes and using potatoes that have been previously prepared including and mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, baked potatoes, and hash browns.

While we tend to think of fresh vegetables when making side dish casseroles, meat and other proteins such as dried beans should be considered. If you are serving a nice fish entrée, why not a casserole with some cocktail shrimp or crab meat included? How about some black beans or pinto beans in a casserole accompanying your favorite Mexican dish? Being creative with casseroles gives you the opportunity to deliver a range of fresh flavors.

Casseroles Today

Casseroles are a part of most major cuisines. In America, we immediately think of tuna casserole or holiday favorites like sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole. While we often think of casseroles as a way of using up leftovers in the fridge or pantry, there are new recipes being developed and tested around the world for exciting new dishes. Professional chefs and home cooks have introduced delicious new recipes featuring twists on the classics, as well as casseroles with exciting new ingredients and combinations.

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