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cookbook reviews

Cookbook Reviews – Carefully selected works from our collection of favorite cookbooks. If we select a cookbook for sharing here on the site, it means we’ve cooked from it, and we’ve enjoyed the experience. Many of the cookbooks we frequent are decades old, but still very relevant. Some are bestsellers, some award winners. Some are a handful of pages; some are well over a thousand. The theme they all share is good food presented in easy to follow, well formatted recipes.

Enjoy our selections of cookbooks featuring a wide variety of recipe collections.

Cookbook topics include:
– breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert
– baking, cooking technique, general reference, grilling, and slow cooking
– appetizers, beverages, bread, cakes, candies, cookies, cupcakes, dessert, fruits, ice cream, meats, pasta, pizza, salads, seafood, soups, and vegetables
– gluten free, healthy, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian
– regional and international cuisine

food blogs

Food Blogs – The best food blogs on the internet, arranged in alphabetical order. Our loose criteria include entertainment value, image quality, presentation of recipes, ease of use, and up-to-date publishing. There are a wide variety of food blog styles. Some offer a glimpse into the author’s personal life via stories and photos, while other blogs are much more instructional and less personal in nature.

Popular blogs will have dozens of comments from loyal readers where much can be learned about their experiences preparing the same dish, variations of the dish, thoughts on the ingredients used or the cooking techniques employed.

Food blogs are an excellent way to find new ideas for dishes to make. Food blog topics range from category specific like desserts or vegan only, to general collections featuring recipes from dozens of categories. Many of our favorites offer stunning photography capturing the cooking process, as well as the finished dish.

food holidays

Food Holidays – Special observances created for food and beverages by local, state, and federal government proclamations, as well as associations, charities, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Most food holidays are celebrated on a specific date, while others enjoy week long or month long celebrations.

Food holidays are an excellent way to work with new ingredients, introduce new dishes into weekly meal plans, plan themed parties, and enjoy good food.

There are foods celebrated almost every day of the year. Our food holiday calendars include each holiday. Some listings include a photo and description of the dish.

Some popular food holidays include January 19 – National Popcorn Day, February 20 – National Cherry Pie Day, March 9 – National Meatball Day, April 14 – National Pecan Day, May 15 – National Chocolate Chip Day, June 15 – National Lobster Day, July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day, August 18 – National Soft Ice Cream Day, September 16 – National Guacamole Day, October 10 – National Angel Food Cake Day, November 3 – National Sandwich Day, and December 15 – National Cupcake Day.

restaurant weeks

Restaurant Weeks – The dining event has never been more popular. There are hundreds of restaurant week events held around the country, and the special cuisine experience has taken root around the globe. Restaurant weeks are quickly becoming a culinary tradition. Most large cities offer one or more of the events each year, and the promotions and participants are larger and more creative each year. Many restaurant weeks share proceeds of the event with local charities.

Restaurant weeks offer diners the opportunity to discover new restaurants or to experience pricier establishments at a discount during the promotional event. Participating restaurants offer dining discounts, usually a priced fixed (prix fixe) menu featuring unique food and beverage pairings designed to showcase creativity and inspire a return visit.

We present the best possible links to websites and social media for each restaurant week listing. Our calendar is constantly being updated to provide the best information and experience for our users.

food festivals

Food Festivals – Food festivals are a global phenomenon. Every year around the world there are thousands of food festivals showcasing the finest ingredients, dishes, and beverages from artisans and producers. Celebrity chefs and personalities, local chefs, food purveyors, and entertainers come together to deliver an incredible experience for those who enjoy the culinary lifestyle.

Food festivals are an excellent way to enjoy local and world cuisine. There are a wide range of food festivals from celebrations of an in-season fruit, vegetable, meat, or seafood to formal gatherings of finest chefs in the world preparing unique dining experience for festival guests.

Our food festival calendars offer a comprehensive listing of food festivals organized by year. Most listings include links to festival websites and social media. Some listings include detailed descriptions of festival events and information.