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Cooking classes are offered in a few different styles. The most popular are cooking demonstrations, where you watch an instructor in a classroom environment, and hands-on training, where you participate in preparing the dish or learning a new cooking technique. The style of class depends on the individual school and its offering. It is always wise to check the schools website for more information, or pick up the telephone and inquire.

Learning cutting edge cooking techniques, basic and advanced usage of kitchen knives, kitchen safety, how to shop at a farmers market, and much more are available as cooking classes. Classes can be found that will help plan your next dinner party, birthday party, wedding, or other celebration. Learn local or international dishes, or perhaps a favorite comfort food such as lasagna, cinnamon rolls, or fresh baked French bread.

When you are traveling, cooking classes are an excellent way to experience local culture and cuisine, while preparing new dishes and learning new culinary skills. Cooking classes vary by school and you may find exciting classes that are unavailable to you in your local area. Couples, kids, and families can enjoy a few hours in a classroom and take home a lasting memory.
Classes are taught by celebrity chefs from around the world, local chefs, cookbook authors, and experienced cooking school instructors.

Our cooking class directory presents cooking class companies from around the world. Most listings have links to company websites and social media. Some listings offer descriptions of the company and its classes.

The culinary industry is constantly changing. Restaurants and cuisine styles go in and out of favor. New trends emerge. Existing culinary school curriculums evolve over time to keep up with the latest trends in cooking and eating. New culinary schools and new programs at colleges and institutions arise to satisfy the needs of these new culinary cravings.

Food and beverage workers are always in demand. Employees with specialized education are highly sought after to fill the needs of new and existing establishments. From culinary arts to hospitality management, a formal education along with experience, special skills, and personality traits are keys to landing the career you seek. Employers want to see the dedication you’ve made to the craft before hiring you. Graduates of accredited culinary institutions have a distinct advantage in the hiring process.

A college degree or certificate from a culinary school is the start towards many positions beyond restaurant work including catering manager, hotel food and beverage manager, party planner, specialty foods sales, farmer, and farmer’s market manager.

Starting and being successful at your own food cart or truck, restaurant, bakery, microbrewery, catering company, party planning service, food blog or website are all enhanced with formal culinary arts training.

Our directory of culinary schools and programs in the United States includes location information, website and social media links.