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Food Festivals

Food festivals are a top draw among locals, foodies and travelers desiring to enjoy the culture, surroundings and culinary scene of a specific geographic locale. Many of these specialty food events offer local and regional cuisine prepared by home-grown and/or celebrity chefs, first class food and beverage offerings, and one or more full-days entertainment to create lasting memories and that once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Many food festivals celebrate an ingredient or food that is in season, closely related to the heritage of the area, or associated with a local or national holiday.

With such a wide variety in festival category, you can identify an event that suits your interests, your schedule, and your budget.

Some festivals may attract a largely local following and enjoy a turnout of several hundred people, while a festival such as South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE may attract tens of thousands of participants from around the world for each day of its annual four day run.

The focus in our festival calendars is on food, wine, beer, and cocktails. Food and wine have been the focus of food festivals for decades. Craft beer, classic cocktails and spirits have come on in recent years as areas where there is great interest.

All of our calendar listings have a website listing associated with the festival. Many are dedicated standalone event websites, while others are company, event producer, or government websites where the event is one area of interest on the website. We do our best to update and upgrade the listings as often as possible.

Websites often offer event schedules, weather forecasts, maps and directions to help plan itineraries, press and blogger media kits and information, and a wealth of practical information to help plan a memorable trip. In addition to the festivals website, we provide Facebook and Twitter social media links whenever available to help you get better access to each festival by connecting to the festival and its followers.