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For some a salad is a healthy dish of greens and vegetables while for others it can be a carbohydrate and calorie-loaded treat for special occasions. In either case, salads are a great addition or feature during a meal and can satisfy any number of needs. Salads are also not difficult to make, whether one focuses on potato salad, a green salad, or a fruit salad, these dishes are simple, delicious, and special at any occasion.

Salad Recipe Collections:

Green Salads

Green salads are often one of the beginning courses at a dinner, though the feature prominently at any meal. It is becoming more popular for salads to be the highlight of a meal, particularly for those who are mindful of their eating. Fortunately there are many combinations of green salads for anyone who is interested in crafting this dish. Beginning with a combination of greens, additional vegetables, fruit, legumes, dressings, etc… are added to make a complete and delicious meal.

Meat Salads

While meat salads might not be the first thing people think of when they hear the word “salad”, meat salads are quite popular and filling dishes. Chicken salad and tuna salad are the most common, yet they come in many different varieties. People who like to put a spin on their chicken salad might add some Mexican flavors like cumin, while tuna salad can be altered to fit a palate more suited towards Asian themes. Additional meat salads include ham salad and beef salads. Often mayonnaise is a prominent ingredient in meat salads, but this is not always the case. These types of salads make great lunches and small meals because they pack well and fill the diner up with protein.

Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are a sweet addition to any meal, and they are often served during breakfast or dessert. Almost any type of fruit can be used and sometimes they are served with special sauces. By carefully choosing which fruits to use in a salad, the addition of herbs, zests, yogurt, and dairy can make the dish even more flavorful. Some great combinations include peaches, strawberries, and basil or watermelon, grapes, apples, and lemon zest. The combinations are endless and individuals are always left satisfied whether they are a main component or served as a snack.

Grain and Legume Salads

Often served as a cold salad, grain salads include ingredients like bulgur, lentils, couscous, black beans and quinoa. These are often marinated salads that incorporate filling ingredients like grains and legumes with healthy vegetables and vinaigrette. Sometimes the recipes also include ingredients like feta cheese or French chèvre to enhance them and add something special to the dish. These compositions are quite filling and refreshing. They are best served during warm seasons or as a way to cleanse the palate between heavy dishes during a meal.

Additional Salad Types

There are plenty of additional salad types that do not fit easily into one category or the other. One of these salads is the popular egg-salad. Combining hard-boiled eggs with crunchy celery and any manner of herbs and sauces, egg salad is a versatile way to boost one’s protein and keep busy through the day. Marinated cheese salads also make their appearance here, with mozzarella the most popular choice.

Whatever the need, salads are a great item to include at any meal. For those who need some ideas, Culinary Arts Network provides easy access to many salad creations. Whether one prefers a leafy green salad or something more heavy and hearty, we have a complete collection of great salads.